People Eat With Their Eyes First

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When we prepare dinners, people often comment on our unique food presentations, and sometimes think they cannot plate like that themselves. However, it is easier than most of them know. Here are some plating tips that can help next time you have a dinner party for your friends.


Always choose the right plating vessel. The plate is your background, so choosing the perfect plate is crucial. White or black plates work well because they provide a solid background to begin with. A lot of restaurants also use wood blocks, cutting boards, and marble or granite slabs for food. Also look at different sizes and shapes for plates. A rectangular plate or square plate for example can break up the monotony of a round plate.

Use odd numbers. Serve five shrimp or three scallops, five pieces of asparagus or five grilled carrots. It helps create more visual appeal. And leave open space. Don’t use the whole plate as empty space helps the eye focus on the food. Use micro greens or baby arugula or spinach, (just a tiny bit with a squeeze of lemon), to brighten up a plate.

Pro Tip

Use odd numbers


  • 5 shrimp
  • 3 scallops
  • 5 grilled carrots

Watch TV food shows or get on social media for ideas. Watch shows like Iron Chef America or Beat Bobby Flay for ideas on how to plate differently. On Instagram, look for food and restaurant sites that show pictures of their food. Happy Plating!!

Chef Tom

Chef Tom

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