Keys to making your guests feel special


As a catering team, all of us here at 135 Degrees take a lot of pride in making sure guests are happy with their food and their experience. After working hundreds of events, we’ve learned some tips and tricks for making guests feel special and ensuring that everyone will love your event.

Step 1: Make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable 

Make sure the space is welcoming, with a clean house or a well-organized event space. Whether the party is relaxed or dressy, let your guests know, in the invitation, what to expect. That way, when they arrive, they’ll be ready to party. Be sure to have a great playlist to avoid any awkward silence, and try to get a drink or a snack into everyone’s hand within a few minutes of arriving.

Step 2: Make your guests feel pampered  

From the moment they enter the party, guests should feel like they don’t have to worry about a thing. Have a space designated for coats and personal things, and make sure guests know where to put their stuff. Greet them with a glass of wine or an appetizer. Offer them a seat, and tell them to relax and enjoy while you finish up in the kitchen. Chat with your guest if they are the first to arrive or make sure they are introduced to new people. If your guest has someone to talk to and something to eat or drink, they will feel totally at home. Throughout the party, replenish the cooler before it’s empty, keep appetizer plates full, keep the music going, and make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom. Prepare for dietary restrictions by asking guests and communicating this to your caterer.

Step 3: Make sure your guests have a drink in hand  

Guests should have a good buzz from delightful party vibes and readily available wine, beer, and cocktails, without going overboard (see next step).

Step 4: Keep people well-fed.

Too much alcohol and too little food is not fun for you or your guests. Make sure there is plenty of food: Snacks should be readily available throughout the event. You can simplify things by providing something easy, such as cheese and crackers or nuts that you’ve roasted the day before. Always offer a delicious main meal and dessert, even if it’s just ice cream or good, dark chocolate. People love to eat, and it’s especially fun to eat with others, adding to the merriment of your event.

Step 5: Don’t rush.

After the main meal, this is the time for everyone, even you, to relax. If it’s a dinner party, make sure everyone has a glass of wine or coffee or tea, and feel free to settle into the couch for more great conversation. By relaxing yourself at this point, it’s a sign to your guests that they can continue to enjoy themselves and don’t need to hustle out the door.

This is some great party wisdom that we’ve learned over the years, working in restaurants and hotels and catering private events. Keep in mind that hosting doesn’t have to be stressful. You can prepare food ahead of time. Or let us do the work for you!

If you are ready to make sure your guests have a fun, relaxed evening full of great food...