135 Biscuits and Gravy


Tired of having the usual for breakfast? You’d be surprised how easy it is to make a delicious breakfast classic that you previously might’ve thought was too difficult. Here’s a quick, easy-to-follow recipe for biscuits and gravy.

What you’ll need to grab from the grocery store:

  • Milk or half and half
  • Flour
  • Jimmy Dean uncooked pork sausage (I use the spicy sausage for a little heat)
  • Pillsbury biscuits (lots to choose from so you’ll have to decide on your favorite)

Here we go. Start by baking the biscuits. Follow the simple directions on the can. When they’re finished just set them aside on a plate. Next, heat a medium-sized pan on the stove over medium heat for one minute. Once it starts to get hot, add the sausage — it should be sizzling in the pan. Next, break up the sausage (I like smaller pieces so I use a potato masher, but a regular spatula will work just fine). Once it starts to brown, sprinkle some flour over the sausage. The more you add, the thicker the gravy will be. Start out with no more than a tablespoon if you made the entire package of sausage. Now toss or stir the sausage until it’s cooked and coated in flour. Next it’s time to add the milk or cream. This is up to you just like flour. The less you add, the thicker and meatier the gravy will be. So start out easy, and add more as needed. Stir the milk around with the sausage until it starts to simmer and thicken. Once that happens, you’re done! Just pour over biscuits and serve.

Quick tip Feel free to add some of your favorite green chile when you add the milk. When in Rome right? (Or New Mexico). Good luck!


All the best,

Chef Joe

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